The Professional Difference


It shouldn’t come as a…shock…to you that behind every healthy, clean swimming pool is a top notch swimming pool service in Tulare County.

But why do you need a pool service? 

Having your pool maintained by a professional pool service is essential to keeping yours in tip top shape. 

Clean, functioning reliably, and safe are the most important bullet points when considering maintenance of your swimming area. Your pool should be a beautiful, healthy and virtually stress-free addition to your home.

Maintaining a swimming pool requires regular cleaning and balancing of chemicals. Water that is not properly balanced and maintained can be very damaging to the pool surface and equipment as well as harmful to swimmers causing itchy skin, burning eyes, and ear infections – no one wants that. Blue Thumb Pool Care aims to offer you the peace of mind in knowing you can enjoy your pool and live your life without ever having to stress about the maintenance.

Ultimately, we’re the pool service who gives you the gift of time, saving you money and ensuring you a stress-free process with your best interests in mind.